Beach Babe / Montenegro Wild Beauty: Crvena Stijena, Drobni Pijesak, Lučice

And the last blog post from summer vacation in Montenegro has just been published. If you missed the previous parts, look at them here: part 1 / part 2 / part 3. Aah, Montenegro wild beauty! I’m so in love with you. When I say wild,  I actually mean the stunning sea bays without crowds. The crystal clear, blue sea water and wonderful sea rocks always charmed me. I’m playing beach babe in cute trendy bikinis, kimonos and charming accessories.  🙂 So, don’t spend unnecessary words, in front of you are my favorite sea photos ever. Enjoy and feel free to write me your impressions in comments <3
1.  Crvena Stijena / Red Rock Beach
Dress: vintage / Sandals: Clarks / Hat: Coin / Sunglasses: Escada
Bikini: Yamamay / Hat: Coin / Sunglasses: Escada 
2. Drobni Pijesak / Tiny Sand Beach
Bikini: Calzedonia / Kimono: Caliope / Hat: Coin / Sunglasses: Escada
Pink Sunglasses: Stradivarius
3. Lučice Beach
Bikini: Dresslily / Sunglasses: Escada / Shoes: Crocks
4. City Beach
Kimono: Caliope / Bikini: Yamamay / Sunglasses: Escada
Hat: Loevenich/ Bikini: Calzedonia / Sunglasses: Escada

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