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About Timeless Wardrobe Pieces

Are you wondering which wardrobe pieces are worth investing in? These are definitely timeless pieces that resist and fit perfectly into any new seasonal trend. Classics are always in fashion as well as femininity and ladylike appearance.

I like to invest in such timeless pieces that I can wear for years and in countless different ways. Quality is the basic criterion when choosing such pieces.

By timeless pieces, I mean a good leather jacket, jeans that fit you perfectly, a well-tailored white shirt, a pencil skirt, a classic women’s business bag, a little black dress, a perfect casual blazer, a trench coat, and a wool coat.

So today I wanted to share some of my timeless wardrobe pieces which have recently arrived at me from the Shein. With my coupon code: 21ivana get an extra 15% off orders $60. It’s valid until March 31, so hurry up to find super chic timeless pieces just for you.


Having a good quality camel coat in your wardrobe is key. You can wear it for years with pants, jeans, dresses… and you will easily achieve an effortless look. This one is a double-button camel coat with raglan sleeves. I will wear it in many different combinations, and today I matched it with a cute colorful dress, polka dots tights, and mini bag.


I think that every lady should have a perfectly tailored knee-length dress in her wardrobe that can be suitable for going to work, for a cocktail party, a business lunch… Most often it’s the so-called little black dress, but why not a red dress maybe just like this perfectly tailored blazer dress. Red is the color of joy, love, and passion and leaves absolutely no one indifferent. In a red dress, you look confident and powerful and that’s what every woman wants to achieve, right? An additional bonus is that the red color magnetically attracts the male gender, so you can wear it when meeting the man of your dreams, for example. 🙂

What are some wardrobe pieces you’ve invested in that have been worth the investment? Let me know in the comments on this post below.

Enjoy photos of two outfits for today and be inspired <3

Thanks a lot for reading!

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timeless wardrobe pieces


timeless wardrobe pieces


timeless camel coat


timeless wardrobe pieces: camel coat



lady outfit


oversized camel coat




shein camel coat


shein coat


stylish bff



street fashion / camel coat




Coat: find it here (search ID: 1274724) *with coupon code: 21ivana get an extra 15% off orders $60 (valid until March 31)

Dress: PS Fashion

Boots & Sunglasses: Stradivarius

Bag: Pimkie

Jewelry: Pearly Little World


little red dress


red dress


red blazer dress


timeless wardrobe pieces / shein red dress


timeless wardrobe pieces


shein blazer dress


red blazer dress


timeless wardrobe pieces / shein red blazer dress


timeless wardrobe pieces


polka dots tights



Dress: find it here (search ID: 849840) *with coupon code: 21ivana get an extra 15% off orders $60 (valid until March 31)

Shoes: Nine West

Jewelry: Pearly Little World

Tights: Anitex Socks


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      March 19, 2021 / 5:46 pm

      Hvala ti puno divna damo <3

    • bambolai
      April 16, 2021 / 3:52 pm

      Thanks a lot lovely lady <3

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