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Hello, my dear readers!
This post is inspired by fantastic online fashion store Betabrand, based in San Francisco. This brand creates unique and high quality fashion items that makes days more comfortable and stylish.
 Today, fitness is not just a hobby, it becomes lifestyle. We can notice that for e.g. stylish sneakers, leggings or hoodies are not only reserved for the sport activities, they look so cool on the streets, because they aren’t only comfy, they are also super chic and trendy.
I’ve found my Betabrand favourites in these three categories: ”public proof pajamas”, ”don’t sweat it top”  and ”women’s pants.”  Especially, I’m pleasantly surprised with soft stretchy fabrics of  new pants models, like Yoga pants, cleverly designed travel pants, cargo pants, denim pants and many more. From casual to dressy, workwear to performance wear, they look so fantastic. 
I’ve created my own outfit ideas in accordance to this concept. Also,take a look on Betabrand pics below to find athleisure inspiration for different life occasions.
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Modern business outfit/s with sneakers and leggings, why not 🙂
Prikaz slikovne datoteke IMG_3835.JPG

Prikaz slikovne datoteke 23316.jpg

Favourite combo for the Gym, running or stylish walking 
Office look with trendy and comfy Betabrand pants

Betabrand inspiration:
Betabrand Public-Proof Pajamas
Betabrand Don’t-Sweat-It Top
Betabrand Work-From-Home Pants (Indigo)
Betabrand Work-From-Home Pants

Prikaz slikovne datoteke betabrand_5tips_yoga_2x_v04.jpg


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